I’ll give you even more reasons why you may want to reduce your stress level in this episode.That is, In addition to the obvious, which is to keep our heads from exploding with all the craziness that’s happening in our society.
It appears that we can help fix our leaky gut with meditation and other stress reduction techniques.
But before I get into that, I get down and dirty with the controversy around whether or not you should be taking bone broth. This remedy is touted by Dr. Josh Axe, the author of “Eat Dirt”. I review his book in episode 164.

In one NIH article, they discover that there is lead in bone broth, but not to the level where it would cause lead poisoning. That article can be found here

A NutritionFacts.org website suggests that any amount of lead in Bone broth is a bad thing. The implication is that a voluntary ingestion of any amount of lead is not necessary. That video can be found here

I get back to the subject of today’s podcast episode, which is evidence linking stress to the worsening of leaky gut symptoms. I refer to an NIH article, which can be found here

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