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Health and wellness coaching provides a unique opportunity to work with someone on a one-on-one basis to reach your optimal health goals.

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Health and Wellness Coaching Services I offer:

  • Health and wellness coaching on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. I generally conduct sessions over the phone, followed by an email after each session. This follow-up email will summarize your goals or action plans as we discussed in the session.
  • Custom video cooking lessons, according to your preferences. You can learn how to make your favorite meals at home with visual instructions.
  • Designer healthy recipes that include your favorite ingredients. I will test the recipe to ensure that it comes together and is both healthy and flavorful.

Wellness Coaching Packages

À la carte Package

  • Initial wellness session: $79
  • Follow-up sessions: $59
  • Custom recipes: $25/each
  • Cooking video: $100/each

Silver Package: $220

  • 4 wellness coaching sessions
  • 2 Custom recipes   

Gold Package: $450

  • 8 wellness coaching sessions
  • 4 custom recipes
  • Cooking video

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