For this episode, I go where few podcasters are brave enough to go; that is, a discussion of healthy poop. And more specifically, how to improve the quality of your gut bacteria.

But first, I get on my soapbox once more to discuss Balance of Nature supplements. The consumer fraud reporting people discuss this company in more detail on their website, which can be found here. I’ve looked around to find other reviews of these products, but it is hard to find a review that doesn’t send you back to Balance of Nature’s own website. I had to go to Amazon and get a pick of the nutrition label. As you can see, there is literally nothing in this product.


In the body of this episode, I discuss a not unrelated topic: the restoration of natural gut bacteria with fecal transplants. There is a podcast that has been ongoing for some time called “the perfect stool”. They have episodes on this topic. The first episode is from March 30, 2022, and it is on the treatment of C diff infection with fecal transplants. The second episode is from January 10, 2023, on the treatment of autism with fecal transplants.

I looked into a couple of reliable sources for my information on this topic. The first is a study from Mount Sinai hospital and the second is a study from Johns Hopkins.

I have a couple of episodes on the general topic of building a healthy gut microbiota. They are episode 223 and episode 229 which can be found on my website page, Healing Outside the Box.