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Trying to decipher all of the possible causes of  the rise in obesity rates has turned out to be too much of a task for just about all of the professionals in the field.

In this episode, I review a recent article that tries to tie the number of big box stores (or membership club stores) to obesity rates in specific areas of the country. This researcher finds that it is much too complicated than one simple cause and effect relationship.

As if we needed to be told, at this point.

I then launch into my opinion about what seems to be working and what hasn’t been working. Spoiler alert – community programs and school gardens with cooking classes are working… and there is so much potential to expand these projects.

Here are the links that I mentioned in the episode:

I discuss a University of  Virginia article. The link is here.

I discuss Gastric bypass surgery, in terms of comparison to other weight loss techniques – both in short-term and long term results. You can refer to episode 106 for more details about gastric bypass surgery.

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