Potatoes have been getting a bad reputation over the past decade or so because of their high glycemic index (a numerical value related to the degree to which food increases blood sugar).

But truth be told, that really only pertains to white potatoes, eaten without the skin.
Sweet potatoes (or potatoes that are rich in either red, orange, or purple colors) are high in fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
This week I discussed the nutritional content of different for ideas of sweet potatoes. For more information, click here.
But prior to that, I bring people’s attention to the mold infestation in Ireland that caused the Irish potato famine in 1845. You can read more about the Irish potato famine by clicking here.
The problem in Ireland was transformed into a tragedy because of the lack of genetic diversity in the potato crop. Could Monsanto’s control of the seed supply create a similar disaster?

One thing that has been made crystal-clear this year is that anything can happen.
Perhaps we can prevent that disaster by purchasing a variety of organic food.

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