Today I delve into the soil and discuss the effect that pesticides and liquid anhydrous ammonia can have on our delicate earthworms. They are the canary in the food safety coal mine. So are children, by the way.
Here are sources of information that I gathered on this topic.

The first is a petition by the Environmental Working Group, or EWG, asking you to get involved in reducing pesticide spraying on fruits and vegetables. Here is the link.

I made several references to liquid anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. This Wikipedia entry defines the term.
This article talks about the evidence that liquid anhydrous ammonia fertilizer is toxic to farmworkers.
This is an interesting article on anhydrous ammonia fertilizer from the farming community. It can be found here.

Although it is sad to admit, I started a move petition to ban this fertilizer that got one signature. Two would be nice. It can be found here.

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