It seems that every year there are new tech aids and apps that pop up to help you with whatever problem you need to solve. It is no different with diabetes, because we may be looking at 50 million people in this country with diabetes or pre-diabetes before not too long. So today, I am looking at some apps that might help you with stabilizing your blood sugar and preparing healthy meals if you are one of those people.
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I discussed the latest gadget for type II Diabetes, which is a home A1C testing kit.

Blue Star is a website and app that is interactive and can be found here.

I mention a bunch of apps in this episode. They can be found below:

Icookbook Diabetic: Search in your appstore, IOS or Android 

My fitness pal

glucose buddy


Lose it

NYT cooking app

Tender app

yummly app


green kitchen 

forks over knives 

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