I happen to live right smack in the middle of downtown Salem, Massachusetts. And as you may have heard, Salem is a pretty scary place right now, just a few days before Halloween. I recount my story of my recent trip downtown – having merged into a herd of tourists on a walking ghost tour of haunted Salem.

Then I rambled my way into the meat of the episode, which was to reveal that Monsanto is putting out yet another questionable weed killer called dicamba.

Here are the links that I mentioned in the episode:

There are 2 New York Times articles on the subject. The first article is on Monsanto’s questionable business practices when it comes to defending its herbicides.

The 2nd article talks about the seldom discussed issue of how roundup and dicamba are not increasing yields or decreasing the need for pesticides.

The capital Journal (that would be our capital – Washington DC) is discussing the fact that Monsanto is now suing Arkansas, who banned the herbicide, dicamba.

Not to be outdone, the Washington Post has also weighed in on this whole lawsuit frenzy over Monsanto’s right to keep hurting us with  hazardous herbicides.

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