In the past, I have mentioned leaky gut with regard to gastrointestinal illnesses, Roundup, and even Alzheimer’s disease. It might be time to spend an episode on leaky gut itself.

I have been asked “what causes leaky gut?” and “how can I fix leaky gut once I have it?” Both are great questions that we would be discussing around the water cooler… if we weren’t so embarrassed about this common ailment.

There is an interesting article from the NIH that defines leaky gut in some detail. This article demonstrates that leaky gut is tied to psychological symptoms as well as gastrointestinal symptoms. That article can be found here

This article talks about the role that roundup plays in causing leaky gut and making inflammation/auto immune diseases worse.

This organic consumers website goes after Monsanto as well, when it comes to roundup and leaky gut related disease.

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