There are all sorts of exciting advances in food safety and nutrition, and these were outlined in several webinars at the nutrition revolution summit. I’m going to give you the highlights of what I thought were the 3 most interesting webinars, i.e., the advances made in discovering how to prevent or control Alzheimer’s disease.

For this podcast I’m concentrating on the food related advances, but if you’re interested in looking into the genetic side of Alzheimer’s disease, this website will get you started.

I have 4 past episodes on Alzheimers disease that discuss the risk factors in more detail. They are 158. 159, 160, and 161.

In one of these webinars, the experts were discussing the fact that people in blue zones have a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. If you want to learn more about blue zones and what these people eat in the blue zones, check out this podcast episode.

Another point that was discussed in the webinars is that leaky gut might be related to the increased incidence of Alzheimer’s disease. In this podcast episode on leaky gut, I discussed possible causes and possible treatments.

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