Have you ever looked at a recipe and thought to yourself: I would like to make this, but I don’t like brussels sprouts, or I can’t eat wheat flour? This week I go over how we can go about substituting an ingredient, or cooking technique, or a lower fat substitution, without ruining the recipe.

But first, I bring to your attention a couple of great videos on youtube. The 1st is a Ted talk by Ron Tinley, the guy they call the guerrilla gardener. It is a great video if you looking for some general inspiration. The 2nd Ted talk is by Jamie Oliver who encourages us not to give up on childhood obesity and the suffering that it causes to our nation’s children.

I also update you on the trial of Dwayne Johnson. Mr. Johnson is suing Monsanto because he was told to spray roundup on schoolyards to kill dandelions and now has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Read the article on the trial here.

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