Today I compare the similarities and differences between the causes of obesity in our pets versus in ourselves. We are certainly still at the theory stage about all of this, but there are too many similarities to ignore. And I know that so many cat and dog lovers out there care about our furry friends.

But first, I give you an update on the Dwayne Johnson trial, where he is suing Monsanto because he was told to spray roundup on school grounds and got terminal cancer. He was able to convince a jury that there was a connection between the two since the World Health Organization has called Roundup a probable carcinogen. He was awarded $289 million. The link to the story about this from a public radio station (WBUR) can be found here.

The New York Times jumped on this and wrote an article on the trial, which can be found here.

I mentioned information about an article in the Guardian that differentiates a few of the causes of obesity between pets and people and that article can be found here

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