This episode really isn’t about squirrels, or about politics, but what squirrels eat – namely peanuts. Doctors without Borders and UNICEF have been distributing a peanut-based nutrition supplement called Plumpy Nut for over 10 years. But you might be wondering – what about peanut allergies?
As it turns out, peanut allergies are essentially unheard of in the African continent, India, and the Middle East. At the same time, the US and Great Britain have skyrocketing rates of peanut allergies – which makes this critical nutrition supplement impossible to use.

Scientists know that the problem with peanut allergies is man-made and most likely connected to industrial farming.
We clearly need to find out what is causing these allergies in children. We need to stop it before it’s too late and we can no longer use this life-saving and easy to dispense food source for the world’s starving children. That’s what this episode is about.