I once again venture out of my comfort zone to tell the story about how I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy 36 years ago and I’ve been waiting (at times not so patiently) for a cure ever since. I now have more reason to hope than I ever have, because gene therapy is indeed, right over the horizon. So I went tip-toeing through the literature to see what I can find that has happened over the past 5 or so years in gene therapy research.

But first, I talk about a few articles that I thought were newsworthy. This Huffington post article caught my attention, so I thought I would pass it along. It discusses the possibility that we have been putting all of our energy about the causes of obesity in the wrong place.

This to part Boston global article on 9/15/18 and 9/16/18 is an in-depth look at the current situation in the home health care field. It’s called Stranger in the House.

When I was talking about genetic engineering, I mentioned a 60 minutes episode on genetic engineering. The CBS news website still carries that story. You can find it by going on the 60 minutes website within CBSnews.com and searching for crispr gene therapy.

There is an interesting article in life science report that talks about a new discovery which might allow stem cell therapy to be available on a large scale basis, making it more affordable. The article can be found here.

Scientists at the University of California have found a way to isolate stem cells that are in our own muscle cells and to perhaps take them out, fix them, and put them back. This way they could treat injuries and neuromuscular diseases. That article can be found here.

A scientist in Wales has recently gotten approval to experiment with stem cell therapies to treat heart disease. That article can be found here.

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