I was recently looking over my list of previous episodes and I noticed that I have at least 5 that are partly or mostly about Monsanto. I think there is general agreement that Monsanto is one of the true bad guys of food corporations. So today I pull out memorable pieces of some of my previous episodes for a greater impact about how bad Monsanto really is. And oh, they are bad!

There was an article in the Guardian that reviews a recent lawsuit put out by a man named Dwayne Johnson. Here is the link to the article in the Guardian

In episode 130, entitled “what has Monsanto been up to?”, I talk about a secret backdoor meeting that Pres. Trump had with the CEO of Monsanto and the CEO of Bayer. That meeting was bound to give us all a big fat headache.

In episode 167, entitled “how to avoid Monsanto products”, I tell you (not surprisingly) how to avoid Monsanto products.

In episode 177, entitled “now that Bayer has purchased Monsanto, what’s next?”, I run down the history of attempts to pass and put into law, the requirement for labeling on GMO products. We still have an uphill battle there.

In episode 151, entitled “the latest on GMOs and Monsanto”, I discuss the fact that Roundup has now been linked to birth defects, respiratory illnesses, DNA damage in adults, leaky gut, nonalcoholic fatty liver, and of course, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to suggest topics for future episodes, feel free to contact me on my website contact page, Healing outside the box.