Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease happens to be one of the most common disease that we may not know about. 

Having spent decades in the nutrition business, I thought I was unshockable. Until now, anyway. I just read that 70 to 80,000,000 Americans may have nonalcoholic fatty livers and I imagine it would surprise most of us to know that.

So I looked into several studies on the subject. For a layperson’s perspective on how this disease got out of control, you may want to check out this article from CNBC.  The Mayo Clinic has a patient oriented article that defines diagnosis and symptoms. It can be found here. The national Institute of health (NIH) describes the disease in an article that is geared towards health professionals. It can be found here.

In a recent episode I discussed why antioxidants are so necessary to maintain health. You can find that episode here.

If you need assistance with healthy changes in your dietary habits and lifestyle in general, feel free to contact me here. I am a Nutritionist and a Wellness Coach in private practice and I would be happy to help you with both counseling and logistics (recipes, meal plan) in making positive changes to prevent this terrible disease.