Now that we are approaching Memorial Day, many of us are dreaming about being in the great outdoors once again. Even if it’s 10 feet from our back door and we are on the porch tending to the barbecue.

That doesn’t mean that we have to throw up our hands and give in to the cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and sausages when we really want to eat healthier.

Yes Virginia, you can eat healthier when you’re barbecuing. And you might actually start preferring the taste of the fresh fish, juicy chicken, or colorful salads that are in front of you. The key is the preparation and planning that you’ll need to pull it off. But trust me, your friends and family will thank you because most of them may want to be eating healthier as well.

The corn and bean salad recipe that I mentioned in this episode can be found on my healthy recipes page, which is located here.

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