This week I bring us all up to date on where Monsanto’s Roundup (or should I say Bayer’s roundup) went to all of a sudden. The answer is… That they are up to so much that it is giving me a big headache.

So I started at the beginning and I reviewed a chronological history of how the Roundup weed killer started out so innocently killing dandelions and is now killing children. As it turns out, like just about everything else, it’s all dose-related. And we are all getting a dose of Roundup with our typical American diet.

I mention a few articles that speak to both the science and the pending civil lawsuits. The first one is a Bloomberg article discussing the $2 billion civil class-action lawsuit, that was reduced 90% by a judge last week. The article can be found here.

A study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH) measured the concentration of glyphosate in both farmworkers and their children. They found that 65% of farmworkers and 12% of their children had toxic levels of the active ingredient in roundup in their urine a day after the spraying occurred.

This article from NPR gives us some historical perspective about how it started out innocently killing weeds to become the monster that it is after GMOs were invented.

This Bloomberg article discusses the unsettling fact that glyphosate from roundup is now looking like it alters the DNA of both mice and people.

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