I’ve been going on and on about what a great idea the Freestyle Libre is for all diabetics and pre-diabetics, so I imagine it’s about time that I purchased it myself and tried it out. That is exactly what I did, and I have a review and tutorial for you in this episode.

This first link is to a short video that will show you how to apply the applicator and start obsessing about your blood sugars all day long if you so choose. Just click on this link and then click on the video that says: apply the sensor.

This NIH article describes a Norway study that looked at the Freestyle libre continuous blood glucose monitoring system versus another similar system.

This NIH study looked at how well it was tolerated (in terms of skin irritation) in type I diabetics.

This article put out by Abbott Pharmaceuticals (the maker of freestyle Libre), gets into data points that show positive health outcomes in terms of better glucose control and fewer diabetic complications.

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