I once went to a National nutrition conference and I still remember four words from that conference keynote address: “the future is coming”.

Indeed it is. the topic today is about the future of meat, or at least some of the meat that we are going to encounter over the next 20 years. there is a new company called “Eat Just, Inc” that has just put out a cultured chicken product. and if that succeeds, there will be more cultured meat products to come. So today I look at how this product is made and whether or not it is safe to try.

But 1st I take off on a tangent regarding a study on ultra-processed foods. This study included 22,000 people and concluded that sugar may be more of a factor than fat when it comes to death from cardiovascular events like strokes and heart attacks. That pub med article can be found here.

I first learned about the approval in Singapore for this cultured chicken from a PBS radio news program. You can find the show on cultured meat on this “here and now” program.

An article discussing the pros and cons of cultured meat was discussed in detail in this Guardian article.

during the episode, I discussed metabolic syndrome, which I defined in a previous episode (226), which you can find here.

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