One of the (perhaps not so obvious) consequences of organic gardening is keeping the four-legged critters from eating what we grow. But much more serious is the consequence that climate change has on growing large scale food for our planet, the nutrient content of the food. We know about the floods and droughts, but what about the nutritional quality of our edibles? Today I look at this scary problem that is happening right under our noses.

There was a mind-blowing article from politico in 2017 that talks about decreases in nutrient levels due to rising CO2 in the atmosphere. That article can be found here. has a short but not so sweet article on this topic as well. It can be found here.
I summarized a detailed article from the Journal, Nature, that can be found here.

In this episode, I talked about a review I did of the documentary “the need to grow”. That was episode 242 and it can be found here.

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