Many of us are feeling some anxiety about what to believe or disbelieve regarding how to avoid getting sick from Covid. Maybe the old saying “if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck” may be right after all. Does it matter if there is a 5% chance that it is a goose?
I’ve plowed through a bunch of research articles and I have laid them out in this podcast episode… In no particular order.

  1. this first video is a YouTube talking head video between two physicians. They both agree that offering a vitamin D supplement to Covid patients because the evidence is strong that people need adequate vitamin D to fight the disease.
  2. These next two references from pub med look at what the past data on thousands of Covid patients are telling us, in an abstract only. Reference(1) reference (2)
  3. this British Medical Journal article takes another stance, stating there is not enough evidence proving a strong relationship between vitamin D deficiency and severe illness/death from Covid.
  4. Here is a retrospective case-control study from the Middle East, showing that everyone in the world is getting on board with this research. It explains the connection between blood pressure regulation and the binding of the Covid virus to our cells.
  5. This article explains that it is currently testing a drug to basically do what vitamin D is doing… Competing with the virus for the binding site to our cells.