Have you ever wondered what causes you to feel hungry, even though you perhaps shouldn’t be?

In this episode, I discuss the biology behind what makes us feel hungry or full. The initial NIH article that I refer to frequently (a meta-analysis of 10 studies on ghrelin) can be found here

in this article from endocrine web.com, the author explains how issues with the hypothalamus, insulin secretion, or weight can create imbalances of both Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and leptin (the fullness hormone).

I also explain how marijuana gives people “the munchies”. It is the THC that triggers the release of ghrelin, whether we are hungry or not. CBD by itself does not have the same effect on ghrelin levels. But if the CBD gummies relieve nausea, the person may feel more like eating. The reference from the Washington Post article can be found here.
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