Happy Earth Day, people! I thought I’d celebrate this beautiful planet of ours by talking about garbage.

but first, I tell you a little story about a town called Hamilton Massachusetts. It is where the richest 1% hang their hats… and their town sport is polo. (Of course, it is.) Last year they quietly initiated a mandatory curbside composting program. You can read the story in our local newspaper here.

I was jealous that Hamilton was getting free composting bins when they could certainly afford to buy their own, so I went to the composting website in my town, Salem, and they listed options if you were inclined to do your own composting with your own money. If you would like to see what they are offering, the link is here.

if you want to invest more money for less labor, there are a bunch of compost tumblers to choose from. This particular one appears to be a decent option that will limit the manual stirring of the contents and keep out the rodents.

EPA has an excellent website with instructions on how to home compost using worms. The EPA walks you through the process on this website.

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