In this cranked-up super-speed society we live in, we’re usually on to something else if the topic doesn’t grab our attention in the first 6 seconds. And that would certainly be the case if the topic is anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. But today I’m asking you to care, for many reasons that I discuss in this episode.

Before I get to the fertilizer, I mention the group of foods that give you the most nutritional quality for your food dollar.

And that group would be beans, chickpeas, split peas, and lentils. And you can do mainstream lunches and suppers with these inexpensive foods. If you want a copy of my favorite bean recipes (including a killer hummus),  just send a note on my contact page and I will email you my favorite recipes.

One of the reasons that beans and lentils are highly nutritious is that they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances that have been shown to help prevent cardiovascular events (strokes, heart attacks). They also slow down the entry of glucose into our bloodstream. Dr. Michael Gregor has both a video and a blog article that gets into the studies that show this.

In the episode, I mention a description of farmworkers getting 3rd-degree burns when their skin is exposed to liquid OR gaseous ammonia in these concentrations. The article that I quote from can be found here.

Although the data on this is alarmingly minimal, liquefied anhydrous ammonia does appear to kill earthworms on or near the surface where this toxic substance is sprayed. Killing earthworms is bound to have a trickle-down effect on the nutritional quality and flavor of food. The USDA article that tells us all about earthworms can be found here.

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