It may be time to get a little uncomfortable with what should be common sense but is seldom discussed. And it’s this: Fat shaming is condoned in the medical community and it makes matters worse, not better. Let’s put it another way: If someone is shamed or ridiculed for being overweight, they tend to gain weight rather than lose weight.

There have been a bunch of articles written on the subject recently. The American Medical Association looked at weight bias and its harmful effects in their journal of ethics. The link can be found here.

Dr. Michael Gregor has a six-minute video where he discusses the harmful effects of weight bias. You can find that video here.

This Cleveland Clinic article defines why leptin is an important hormone in weight regulation.

There is also an NIH article that discusses this topic in depth.

To estimate calories needed, multiply your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) by an activity factor: BMR = 10 x wt (Kg)  +  6.25 x ht (cm) – 5 x age {years)  -161

Sedentary: BMR x 1.2

Lightly active: BMR x 1.375

Moderately active: BMR x 1.55

Very active: BMR x 1.725

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