Two independent researchers have recently discovered that inflammation (which is occurring in a tumor in our bodies) is contributing to the tumor’s growth. Does this mean that anti-inflammatory compounds can contribute to slowing or even stopping the growth of tumors?

Well, that is exactly where the research is heading, and it looks promising. Today I look into the details of these two independent studies.

The first comes from researchers at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai hospital. The details that explain how cancer cells replicate uncontrollably and are enhanced by inflammation, can be found here.

The second article I discuss comes from Science Daily and can be found here. The research comes from the Brigham and women’s Hospital cancer research labs, here in Boston. This study links the growth of colon cancer cells to a certain type of gram-negative bacteria that can grow in our gut. This bacteria is linked to our so-called Western diet, in particular to higher amounts of saturated fat from meats, especially processed meats. These bad bacteria can produce endotoxins, which is the theory behind why they enhance the growth of colon cancer.

There was also a short nutrition facts video that talks about endotoxins as it relates to our food, and in particular, high and low-fiber foods. that video can be found here.

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