I don’t mind telling you that I have been obsessed with Balance of Nature supplements since I have been forced to listen to numerous replays of TV ads during one of my favorite shows. I hear myself yelling things like. “have you no shame?” at the TV, but the ads just keep coming.

Spoiler alert: These snake oil salesmen will deduct $90 – $100 from your credit card every month for a whole lot of nothingness in a capsule. You will be much better off nutritionally and financially, buying organic fruits and vegetables yourself.

I googled “balance of nature” and looked at the list of websites that popped up. The first one was called healthy expert reviews.com. The title at the top of the page read “good value or a scam?” When you open the website, it pushes you to buy another equally scammy product similar to balance of nature.

The second one was called smart supplement reviews.com. This is a bogus website pushing another ridiculous product called “sustenance – fruits and greens”.

The third website I looked into was called total health reports.com. This looks like someone who was paid to write a one-page blog about how wonderful Balance of Nature is… even though I had googled “is balance of nature a scam?”.

I also googled the Balance of Nature website and got only large pictures of the front of the label. Noticeably missing was any information about what is in these capsules.

I then calm down and get about the business of advising you on how to get all of those nutrients and fiber that you were hoping to get from Balance of Nature. There is a short video about the many benefits of fiber that I discuss, which can be found here.

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