We all know that rates of cancer seem to be rising for many different types of cancer. Most notably colorectal, breast, prostate, and skin cancer. But why?

This is a complicated question with no simple answer. Colorectal cancer is definitely food-related, but smoking, weight, and epi-genetics play a role. Breast and prostate cancer can be influenced by hormones, but also by quality of food intake. Even skin cancer, which is tied to the amount of protective melanin in your skin and lower UV protection in the atmosphere, can result in improved healing and prognosis with an anti-cancer diet.

In part 2, I go through the evidence of specific nutrients and their potential role in preventing and treating cancer. I refer to a large review article in the journal Nature. The link can be found here.

There is a quote from the Harvard Gazette that I mentioned:  “Diet directly affects microbiome composition and eventually these changes can influence disease risk and outcomes.”

The National Institute of Health also posts a large review article saying the same thing. It can be found here.

I did 2 episodes on the benefits of broccoli sprouts for symptoms of autism. They are episode 255 and episode 256.

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