Two documentaries about the impact of fast food eating on our health go head to head in today’s episode. The first is “Supersize me” and the second is “Fathead”.

These documentaries can be found in many places:
“Supersize me” can be found, among other places, on Netflix and on You tube.
“Fat head” can be found on YouTube and probably a few other media outlets.

I refer to a previous podcast episode that discusses omega-3  fatty acids versus Omega 6 fatty acids. That can be found here.

I also discuss comparing caloric values from 10 years ago to today’s caloric values on the McDonald’s menu. Here is a sampling of those menu items:

Big Mac: 540 calories
quarter pounder with cheese: 540 calories
grilled chicken bacon clubhouse: 610 calories
quarter pounder deluxe: 600 calories
McRib: 540 calories
bacon and cheese sirloin: 810 calories
premium buttermilk crispy chicken and bacon: 790 calories
lettuce and tomato sirloin: 750 calories
bacon clubhouse burger: 740 calories
quarter pounder deluxe: 600 calories
double cheddar Mcchicken: 490 calories
double cheeseburger: 440 calories
filet of fish: 390 calories
frozen strawberry lemonade: 260 – 330 calories
frozen lemonade: 230 – 570 calories
classic lemonade: 160 – 390 calories