If you managed to sit through the recent documentary called “What the health” and you would really, really like to start eating more plant-based foods, we discuss how to start your journey in this episode.

By the way, if you have not seen the documentary and have a high tolerance for watching nauseating video clips of animals getting tortured, this documentary is now being shown on Netflix. If you would rather not, I reviewed it for episode 145.

If you want to start a plant-based diet and would like a website or app to do some of the legwork for you, you can check out the forks over knives meal planner.

There are also meal delivery services that will deliver the ingredients and a meatless recipe. I discussed 4 of them in this episode.

If you prefer, you can simply make a recipe like shrimp or chicken chow mein and substitute peanuts or cashews for the protein source. An example can be found on my recipe page.

The organic udon noodles that I mentioned can be ordered on Amazon, in the grocery and gourmet foods section.

My recipe for homemade refried beans can be found here.

You can reach me on my contact page which is on my “healing outside the box” website.