Today I have a conversation with Tara Agaba, who is the communications and outreach coordinator at Jane Doe Inc.

Jane Doe Inc. is the Massachusetts coalition against sexual assault and domestic violence. Their website is Tara manages Jane Doe’s social media, newsletter, and websites. She provides support and resources for people who are particularly vulnerable due to the Stay At Home rules that leave survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence at risk.

Tara mentions a few resources that she shared with us. You can visit their website, which is  

One of Jane Doe’s projects is the Healing Trauma resources website. The resources can be found at

You can email Jane Doe Inc. here.  If you are looking for help in your area, check out this link. You can also try SafeLink in the Massachusetts area. You can locate their website here. Their number is 1-877-785-2020. The deaf/blind national hotline is 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). The videophone is 1-855-812-1001. Advocates are bilingual in English and Spanish and have access to a service that can provide translation in more than 130 languages. 

There is also detailed information about various types of trauma on their healing trauma website. It is The resilience and healing tab has many great resources to search through if you are in need of comfort during this difficult time.

In addition, I offer online health and wellness coaching for those who need a listening ear and some support around their general health and wellness. I often focus on nutrition and healthy eating/weight loss coaching, but I also discuss stress reduction and meditation for folks who are interested in those types of coping skills. If you want to reach out to me, you can email me on my contact page or my wellness coaching services page. I also have a texting platform called “” on my website. If you click on the circle in the lower right-hand corner of any page, you can text or email me there.