Now that we’re all hunkered down with our loved ones in various stages of quarantine, it might be a good time to think about cooking some new and interesting meals. So today I thought I would revisit an episode from last year on putting the Mediterranean diet theory into practice.

But before I got into the nutritional info, I mentioned a few relaxation or meditation apps and videos that are out there. One of them is called the calm app and it can be found here. There is a 12-minute Zen-type music video with lotus flowers right here. There is a live streaming easy listening jazz instrumental channel that can be found hereThis is one-hour of peaceful piano music. This is the guided imagery meditation video that is nice. 

In this episode, I mentioned a four-part series on possibly treating or even preventing Alzheimer’s disease with dietary measures. They are episodes 158, 159, 160, and 161. In another episode, I asked the question “Is there a possible link between Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease?” That episode can be found here. I also have 2 episodes on preventing diabetic complications. They are episodes 216 and 217.

Later on, I mentioned a few recipes that can be converted to Mediterranean-style alternatives. They are pasta Primavera with shrimp and hummus with pita chips. Here is my recipe for a bean and cheese burrito. And here’s the recipe for chow mein with cashews.

If you would like some tips on converting your favorite recipes to healthier versions or would like to do some online health and wellness coaching with me, feel free to contact me on my website contact page, which is healing outside the